Biggie and Frank’s Pet Food Bank launched in January 2016 and services Durham Region / GTA and surrounding areas. 

Biggie & Frank’s Pet Food Bank distributes dog and cat food as well as small animal food to pet owners who are having a difficult time providing adequate food for their pets because of temporary economic or other personal challenges. This service also provides these pet owners with information that may help them to obtain affordable medical and spay/neuter assistance. Biggie & Frank’s Pet Food Bank goals are to prevent animals from being surrendered to local shelters or rescues because of economic reasons, to keep pets with their owners and to keep those pets healthy and fed.

Pet food will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis dependent on available supplies, which will likely vary. Food will be distributed every 2 weeks. Biggie & Frank’s Pet Food Bank will make every effort to provide a quantity of food adequate for the 2 week duration.

Biggie & Frank’s Pet Food Bank is entirely dependent on donations of pet food (we will also gladly accept kitty litter, treats, beds, leashes, collars and bowls) as well as the financial support of the community with the purpose of also purchasing pet food when needed in order to make sure people in the area don’t have to choose between feeding themselves or their pet.
Many people are facing financial hardships, medical situations, loss of job, and they find it hard to feed their family; let alone their beloved family pet. Sometimes they have to surrender or re-home the pet, not because they want to, but because they don't know what else to do.

For many people who are marginalized their pet is their only source of emotional and mental support – to be forced to surrender a pet in a time of need is stressful to both the family and the pet.
We would appreciate donations of dog and cat food, small animal food, kitty litter and beds, bowls, leashes, and collars.
A pet food bank would not only help people who don’t want to give up their furry companion, but would also ensure that no extra pets go to overcrowded shelters.

If our little food bank can help feed them, it helps the local rescues, shelters and the families.
At this point, we are only going to be equipped to help people or families going through a temporary crisis.
However, if the program grows, we would like to offer the service to low-income families and those on ODSP and pensions. If we receive a large donation of food, we can help more people on a longer term basis.

Donations of any size are appreciated.

Need Help?   Would you like to help?  Volunteer?

Contact Us at: 

Phone: 289-685-0991

E mail:


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3 Ways you can help and donate monetarily:

1. E mail interac transfers via online banking to

(you will receive a proper receipt via e mail)

2. Via snail Mail with cheques made payable to:

    Apple Melon Designs

    30 Farncomb Cres,

    Bowmanville, Ontario

    L1C 4L5

3. Pay Pal

By donating money you allow us to purchase pet food at reduced and wholesale rates as well as supplies to enable us to continue operating the pet food bank. (cat litter, Zip lock baggies, markers, bags, bins, etc.) 

​We also use a lot of zip lock baggies, permanent markers and grocery bags. We don't like to turn anyone away when we host a mobile pet food bank so anything we don't have we will try and purchase ourselves.